Friday, January 22, 2010

Moving to

I've moved to , there's no need to change rss feed I'll update it to point to the new feed.

Friday, December 25, 2009

JumpStart 0.5a5.2 Released

I have just released new version of JumpStart. Release notes are now published on the new address. New Homepage of the extension is
There's new feed for the extension there. I won't be publishing news related to the extension here anymore.

I am moving this blog to a new address too, sometime in early January.

Monday, December 7, 2009

JumpStart reviewed by

New Tab JumpStart has been reviewed in one of the latest articles on - How To Add 20 Best Features Of Other Browsers to Firefox.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Install MonoDevelop Addins on Ubuntu

I installed MonoDevelop from Add/Remove... which did not install all addins I wanted.
Basically I was searching how to install NUnit addin for MonoDevelop. There's a FAQ entry on how to enable it, but it is not very useful, though I did the last bit, creating symbolic link.

Anyway, here's how to install it on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install monodevelop-nunit

If you just type

sudo apt-get install monodevelop-

and press Tab key twice it will list you all available addins. One very useful is monodevelop-versioncontrol,

Useful links:
Using NUnit with MonoDevelop
Using Subversion with MonoDevelop

MySQL custom data folder in Linux

This info relates to Arch Linux and configuration of MySQL to use custom data folder. I followed instructions to install MySQL on ArchWiki. It worked like a charm, everything was working perfectly, until I tried to change data folder. Now, probably important thing to say is that I setup rc.conf to automatically start mysqld daemon. Google did not help this time :( since whatever I tried did not work. Even MySQL official documentation was of no help. Setting datadir in my.cnf did not help. But finally I found solution, and it was super easy:

Edit file: /etc/conf.d/mysqld
And enter your data folder there (/data/mysql in my case):

After that it worked. I don't know if this is Arch Linux specific, but I hope this will help someone not to loose as much time I did figuring out.