Thursday, August 28, 2008

XML Schema for Install.rdf available on Codeplex

I just published the first version of the XML Schema for the Install.rdf file (Mozilla Add on Install Manifest file) on Codeplex. More information on the file is here: Install.rdf on Mozilla Developer Center. The schemes are published under MPL 1.1 license.
Add on Manager enabled XUL applications (Firefox, Mozilla, Songbird, Flock, ...) are using install.rdf file to get description of the add on being installed. With this schemas you can get better support in your favourite IDE. Here are some screenshots from my Visual Studio:
You can see more screenshots on the project's wiki.
Most of the elements have regex validation, and wherever I could I added some enumeration support as seen on the picture above. However there might be errors so if you find any please report them on project's issue tracking.
All suggestions are welcome. I added discussion thread just for that purpose. If you know how to setup your favourite IDE to use this files add them there and I will update wiki accordingly. I have already added instructions for Visual Studio.
In future I plan to add more features - wizards, possibly some kind of management tools, etc. However this is in probably distant future since I don't have much time. What you could expect in the near future is XUL schema under MPL license. I'm half way there so I hope I'll publish it in next couple of weeks.


  1. "What you could expect in the near future is XUL schema under MPL license. I'm half way there so I hope I'll publish it in next couple of weeks."

    didn't hear anything new about that. are there still any plans for a xul schema? would be awesome in VS and other editors

  2. heh, funny thing about that, I didn't finish it. Or better said, I did but I screwed it up. Unfortunately I can't give you a definitive answer, but now that at least someone is interested maybe I'll speed it up.

  3. yeah. sounds awesome. it would be so useful.
    anyway. i already found a schema from codech at

    maybe it helps you to fix your problems or you can just work together with them.

    i just did not get it to work. VS always gives me the following warning at the "window"-tag:

    "The schemas property will be ignored because your document does not declare any matching target namespaces."

    maybe you have more luck with that one. i don't even understand what that means, as i don't have that much experience with xml-schemas.


  4. Hi Andre,
    Thanks for the pointers. I actually messed up with not realizing early enough how bad XML schema is for anything but simple scenarios.
    I cleaned it up a bit and now it is online:

    You have to get the files from the Source Code tab, and follow instructions from the Home page.

    I'll write a blog post soon and will give more details, if you have any questions please start a discussion on codeplex and I'll follow up.


  5. Hey Mihailo.

    Works like a charm! Really awesome.

    By the way, you can add the following to the instructions: If you are using the XML-editor, you can also add schemas via the menu: XML > Schemas ... > Add
    I think you can also add a schema via the properties window.

    Thanks a lot! That was really fast :)

    See ya,

  6. Actually, André thank you.
    If you did not raise this issue who knows when I would have put my mind to it.

  7. No prob. :)

    by the way. I found the first bug. see the discussion I opened up at codeplex: