Monday, September 29, 2008

JumpStart - plan for next version

* Updated - Sorry about the delay. I have updated the plan for the next version. I'll try to include some screen shots today too.

Next version of JumpStart is planned for 5th 12th October. Here is the list of things I would like to do until then, and some preview of things already implemented. (I'll add screen shots as I finish each of these)

Showing JumpStart on browser start - DONE
Something that makes sense - if there is only one page and is either blank or homepage JumpStart is shown. This can be overridden through options dialog.
Button to show JumpStart on toolbar - DONE
Sometimes it is useful to show the content without opening new tab.
Menu item for setting options - DONE
In tools menu now there is menu option to show options dialog for the extension.
More thumbs - DONE
Thumbs can now fill the whole useful area of window, there are two sizes to choose from - small and large thumbs. Depending on resolution the number of thumbs will be offered to choose from.
Pin thumb - DONE
Pin your favorite thumbs so they will always appear at the same position
Exclude site from being shown as thumb - DONE
By one click remove site from the list of shown thumbs
JumpStart removed from the history - IN PROGRESS DONE
It won't show up on back button pressed, nor at closed items.
At present thumbs are being refreshed after restart of Firefox. New refresh strategies are there now: on some interval, then all at the same time or one-by-one.
Improved search - NEXT VERSION
Search is currently searching only through the history, I want to make it work for all installed search plug-ins. In future I want to improve the whole feature. I'm still thinking about it.
New bookmark features - NEXT VERSION
Google bookmarks?

This all is something I will be working, it might not get into the 0.5a3 version but it will get into the final release pretty soon.

And I promise I'll work on the logo :) My wife absolutely hate it, and I didn't get much better feedback from others. I plan to deliver final 0.5 version at the end of October so by then I should change it.

As always, your feedback is critical. There is a Google group setup so please start a new discussion with ideas, critics or praise.


  1. then where is the new version due to issue out?

  2. @godschosenleochan

    sorry about that, change of plan, I hope to get it out during this week, I'll update the status later today to show how far I made it and what's the latest status/plan.


  3. What do you think about of using the forum of mozilla to receive feedback?
    imho better than the google group

  4. @augusto
    thanks for the feedback, I actually never thought about it.
    My intention with google group was to setup the project to google code and use google groups for discussions. I wanted to make it JumpStart specific you see.

    The link you've posted is going to be very useful to me. I might use both places, and see how it goes.
    Thanks again.