Sunday, October 12, 2008

JumpStart - version 0.5a3

New version of JumpStart available.
Among some minor fixes here are the new features:
More thumbs
Depending on the your resolution now you can have more thumbs on the page:

Using options menu you can now set number of thumbs you want. If you choose to show smaller thumbs you can fit even more of the thumbs on the screen. I managed to fit 24, however for the screen shot I could not think of more interesting sites so only 13 on this picture.
Note: Thumbs are refreshed after Firefox starts (30 seconds delay), all thumbs are refreshed at the same time so you might experience some slow down if you choose lots of thumbs. More intelligent refresh is scheduled for the next release, hopefully next weekend.

Pin a thumb
Now you can pin a thumb. Pinned thumbs will appear always and will appear at the beginning of the list.

When you hover over a thumb it will show two icons, one like X and one resembling pin. Click on the pin icon to pin the thumb, pin icon will turn red, another click on the pin icon to unpin it.
Note: The pinned items will appear at the beginning of the list on the next Firefox start (will improve that in one of the next versions)

Exclude site from being shown as thumb
You can now exclude sites from appearing as thumbs if you wish. Similarly as with pin, hover over thumb and click on the X icon to mark it for exclusion, click again to un-mark it.

JumpStart removed from the history and closed tabs
Now when you close a tab showing JumpStart it will not appear in the list of closed tabs. Also, it will be removed from history once you navigate off the tab showing JumpStart.

Showing JumpStart on browser start

Once you start browser, if it would normally show blank page or home page (if tabs are not restored), the start page will be replaced by JumpStart. This can be turned off from preferences.
Toolbar button to show JumpStart
There is a convenient toolbar button to show JumpStart in current tab. It is immediately following URL bar. It can be removed or turned back on through preferences. Or it's position can be changed by customizing toolbar.
Menu item for setting options
There is a menu option now for setting JumpStart preferences. Mind though, preferences window is really ugly. I will be working on general apperience of the extension for the next release, I promise.

As you can see, there are two tabs in the preferences: General and Thumbs. In the general section options are:
- Show On New Tab : should JumpStart be shown when you open a new tab
- Show On Startup : should JumpStart be shown immediately when you start the browser
- Show Toolbar Button : show JumpStart toolbar button
Thumbs section is more interesting, it shows:
- Zoom Thumbs : if switched on thumbs will be shown a bit bigger on hover
- Show Small : there are two sizes of thumbs now, if you choose small then you can fit even more of them on the screen
- Numer of Thumbs per Line : how many thumbs you wish to appear on one line
- Number of Thumb Lines : how many thumb lines should be there
All the other things on the panel can be ignored, they are just there to add to ugliness and are not functional (well total number of thumbs is interesting for information purposes)

Plan for the next version is to improve refreshing of thumbs, improve search, and improve overall appearance of the extension. I'll fix some functionality, tighten it up in general.

As always, your feedback is much appreciated. I'll answer all the questions/suggestions as soon as possible.

*** New Screenshot ***
Almost like Chrome
Yes, that's Firefox.