Sunday, August 16, 2009

JumpStart is up on google code

I have recently uploaded source code to google code.
The plan is to more frequently publish intermediate releases, and 0.5a4.1 is the first one.
It features improved refresh of the thumbs, localized to Korean (thanks Forrest) and Serbian, made a bit faster by moving thumbs storage to places database.
Hopefully I will be able to push improvements as soon as they happen so changes will be rather small for every release.


  1. Hello. I like JumpStart, but it has something anoying. It visits the site by fully sending Cookies, for making a preview. Could you please send no cookies? My example: I'm very active in a community and when I visit the site I see new messages. But when your JumpStart visit the site before me - this is everytime - the new messages act like readed and disappear in the "overview". So please don't send the cookies for making a preview.

  2. Will be fixed for the next release - which will hopefully be out by the end of the week. Thumbs will be refreshed upon visiting a page and not automatically so they won't mess up functionalities as you have described.