Friday, October 16, 2009

JumpStart - 0.5a5 released

Finally official new version. It took some time to do lots of internal changes to the extension, so from the outside it may not look that much different, but insides changed completely. This will allow us to roll out fixes and new versions much faster - at least monthly as opposed to bi-yearly.

Firstly thanks to Chris and Forrest. Forrest submitted Korean translation and more importantly made me fix localization support for the extension. Recently Chris joined to help with development and contributed with fixing almost all UI to XUL which improved layout and performance, and he will be contributing more in the future hopefully making JumpStart much prettier.
And thanks to everyone else joining in discussions and reporting bugs.

Some activities and plans:
I have submitted JumpStart for translation on Babelzilla, please go there and login or register if you wish to help and translate it to your language.
Please submit all bugs found on extension's project page. I'll be submitting all bugs I find there too.
There are also plans to move JumpStart related content to a separate site, I'll let you know as soon as I do that.

At the end some release notes for version 0.5a5:

Notable known issues:

  • Clicking tags on bookmarks page performs very slowly on Firefox 3.5. It seems that it is a Firefox issue with particular search I'm using, the issue is being investigated at the moment

Notable Changes:
  • turned off auto refresh by default
  • refreshing thumbs on page view rather then automatically
  • fixed issue on some Windows XP systems caused by latest system patches
  • using Firefox's places database to store thumbnails so better conforming to privacy and history setup - when you clear your history your thumbs are gone too
  • improved layout by almost exclusively using XUL
  • fixed history issues that were causing TabView to be shown in the list of closed pages on Firefox 3.5
  • support for MidBrowser
  • basic support for Fennec

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