Thursday, October 8, 2009

JumpStart - prerelease

I have prepared a pre-release of the JumpStart. To install it you have to download it and then drop it from the saved location onto Firefox. New release will be on AMO probably some time during this weekend. There are still some tests to be done but the version is pretty solid.

Some notable fixes/features include:
- turned off auto refresh by default
- refreshing thumbs on page view rather then automatically
- fixed code that was causing issues on some Windows XP systems after latest security patches
- using Firefox's places database to store thumbnails so better conforming to privacy and history setup - when you clear your history your thumbs are gone too
- handling of cases when there is no history data available - default page layout is shown instead of empty page
- updating the list of thumbs while you browse when there is no data in history available yet - e.g. new profile, clean install (still experimental)
- improved layout by almost exclusively using XUL
- fixed bookmarks page on Firefox 3.5
- fixed history issues that were causing TabView to be shown in the list of closed pages on Firefox 3.5
- support for MidBrowser
- basic support for Fennec

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