Monday, November 2, 2009

JumpStart - 0.5a5.1 released

New version of JumpStart is ready on AMO. Please report encountered issues here, and post your questions at extension's group page.

Here's a short summary of changes:

New locales (contribution by community): hu-HU, pl-PL, he-IL, de-DE, fr, pt-BR
which with existing locales: en-US, sr-RS, ko-KR brings the number of supported locales to 9.

Fixed ordering of locales - it now properly displays en-US if a locale is missing (Firefox 3.5 specific)
Fixed refreshing tabs in background tabs (Firefox 3.5 specific, in Firefox 3.0 still refreshes only thumb from the active tab)
Properties of thumbnails are made permanent now - not being flushed with history. This can be turned off through about:config
Preferences and Bookmarks pages have improved appearance - contributions by Leszek(teo)┼╗yczkowski

Guys from Babelzilla are awesome, provided 7 translations in a week (despite my screw-up in which all translations got lost and Chinese yet to be recovered). Thanks to erglo, Goofy, SiiiE, Cashman, teo, Ghelman, tawcw, markh, for contribution and help!


  1. Thanks for awesome extension! It's one of the things I like in Google Chrome so I'm glad Firefox has it too now.

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