Thursday, April 23, 2009

JumpStart - version 0.5a3.4

New version of JumpStart is available. All feedback is very appreciated.

Most notable changes:
* Added options menu to the logo button

* Added info page to the preferences window so some basic compatibility information shown

* Fixed some issues with popup showing blank (most noticeable on Linux)
* Added experimental bookmarks page - suggestions welcome

Other changes:
Supports Firefox 3.5
Fixed preferences button in the add-ons dialog
Fixed toolbar button for smaller icons
Not showing toolbar button by default
Zoom removed
Removed options menu from the main menu
Redesigned preferences window

Monday, April 20, 2009

XUL Schema

I have published XUL Schema on CodePlex. It is fairly complete and it should work correctly for most scenarios. Get the latest source code and follow instructions from the home page. Here are some screenshots.
All comments are welcome. If something is not working correctly please report and I'll surely look in to it.
Again, consider this work in progress, it should work correctly for most of the scenarios but there are scenarios where it will break - for example templates with HTML contents. While I'm developing my extensions I keep updating the schema so from time to time check out the latest version of the code.